Metastases to the liver.

Hi all,

I have been given my scan results today which show appearance suspicious for metastases to the liver.  I was diagnosed in January 2016 with breast cancer, oestrogen receptor positive, chemo, radiotherapy and Anastrozole. 

Been given a high priority referral to the Q E Hospital in Birmingham as lesions spread throughout the liver.

I would like to hear from anyone newly diagnosed with breast cancer met to the liver or anyone already gone through treatment.  I know there is no cure but different types of treatment available to slow the cancer down.

I have been preparing myself for the prognosis, so wasn’t totally shocked with the results, but even so, I feel in a strange place at the moment and surreal.

Be great to get other people’s experience.

Take care

Cheryl x

Hi Cheryl

sorry to hear your news! I am a year on from the same diagnosis, although I also have multiple bone mets too. Initially I was put on paclitaxel as my liver enzymes were high; it stabilised things and I have been on pablociclib and letrozole for eight months now. This has reduced the tumours a bit and I have been able to live a pretty normal life, but of course everyone responds differently! I feel much better than I did before treatment started for sure! 
Good luck with your treatment plan; secondary breast cancer may not be curable, but it is treatable. 

Hi Cheryl

I too am recently diagnosed with MBC in last few of weeks, it’s in my spine, pelvis & liver. I had breast cancer 4 years ago, surgery, radiotherapy & been on letrozole ever since but it’s obviously not worked.  I’ve had a bone scan & I had a liver biopsy last week to determine its ER+ then pending results I can hopefully start the treatment suggested but I would be really interested to hear  how you get on & what treatment your offered.

keep us updated & take care



I was diagnosed with triple negative bc stage 3 Jan 2021. 6 months chemo, surgery  and radiotherapy. March 2022 found out it was widespread in my liver and inincurable. I was told I had a year as things stood. Couldnt have immunotherapy and my tumour wasn’t suitable for starting the phoenix trial at the Royal Marsden Hospital. I was commenced a tablet chemo called capabetacine which after 3 cycles has significantly shrank the tumours on my liver. I will be continuing these until they no longer work. There are some side effects but I just keep thinking keep strong and plough through them as these are prolonging my life expectancy. I am 53 years old and was very fit and healthy before diagnosis so it is so frustrating to be going through this. Keep strong and positive and hopefully something will work for you too. xx

Hi Cheryl

I wanted to pop a message back as can appreciate your head is all over the place. My mum was diagnosed with secondary her2 + BC and some lesions on the liver in May. Mums treatment is 12 weeks of chemo with pallitaxel. So far, it’s been ok and we’re nearly half way through, there has been more good days than bad. These forums have helped me as the person supporting mum. I hope this forum helps you in some way. Thanks to this group, I have seen how technology and treatment has moved on - I think of my mums condition as a chronic illness- this is all thanks to the advice on this forum. I have found a realistic yet hopeful place. All the best with the next few weeks xx

Hi Cherrytree. I had a blood test two weeks ago I actually said to the nurse I have had this desease for 19 months and bloods have been ok all through my treatment, a CT scan very early on showed 2 Lesions on my Liver Oncologist said they were so tiny and thought they were cysts, anyway next day after the blood tests came back with Liver was elevated so they did a repeat test a week later, next day Oncologists secretary rang me to say Doc on holiday so she is ringing on Tuesday so I am so scared that there is something wrong , we’re your Liver tests elevated I was feeling pretty well before all of this just feel hopeless the Secretary didn’t mention blood results so makes me think of all sorts I am on Exemestane which can cause Liver problems.