Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed in feb at 28 years old with estrogen positive IDC. During my mastectomy, they found that it had spread to one lymph node (out of 17 tested). 

I worry constantly about it spreading further to my bones, etc and think every ache and pain could be bad news. I am driving myself crazy. My oncologist is confident that my chemo and radiation will prevent it from recurring and that it is gone now.

 Does anyone have any stories about lymph node positive cancer survivors to make me feel less anxious? Or words of advice in dealing with my anxiety?

Hi PinkWarrier76,

Just had to reply to you.  I was diagnosed with the same as you back in 2018.  I had a mastectomy and they found small amounts in 3 lymph nodes. I underwent chemo, radio etc and have just had a clear 2nd year mammogram so I fully understand the fear you have, it still hits me from time to time and from reading other ladies experiences its very common to panic when anything hurts.  You are still very early on in the whole process and I can assure you that with time the fear and panic does subside and doesn’t become the all encompassing thought.  I still panic and always will but we have to believe in the experts and trust that they are looking after us.   I’m sure others will be along shortly to give you more positive stories.  I always take comfort from others dropping in to let me know they are ok.  And as they always tell me… remember that there are many many many other women who were once on this site who are living normal healthy lives and no longer feel the need to be on this forum, quite often its only those in a panic or in need of advice who post.  The other good piece of advice I was given after treatment ended… “Thoughts are NOT facts, they are just thoughts”… 

Big hug.



Hi pink warrior,

Great name by the way wish I’d been more creative when I first joined, way back in the summer of 2013!!

i had triple negative cancer with macromets in one lymph node.  I had mastectomy, axillary clearance and 6 rounds of Fec-t

I didn’t have any scans after treatment finished.

i still have annual mammograms on my remaining breast.

The first few years every ache & pain I thought it’s back.  I longed for the days that I could wake in the morning with an ache and my first thought would be ‘i must have slept funny’.  I can say that at last I am back to that place.

I do also have the 2 week rule that someone else mentioned, whereby I contact the gp if ive still got symptoms (Of anything) after 2 weeks.

i don’t feel the need to come here anymore for myself but I do pop in a few times a year to help those just starting this hell of a rollercoaster ride.

take care and best of luck x

My sister had breast cancer 21 years ago. Diagnosed when she was 33. 4 nodes had cancer in them. She has gone on to have further DCIS And a new primary, 2 mastectomies and 2 lots of chemo BUT She has not had any metastases. She also went on to have another daughter several years after her first round of chemo. She is happy and healthy. I hope that gives you a real boost of hope.