Metastatic Breast Cancer

I have been on oral chemo tablets since February this year as I have breast cancer in my adrenal gland and spots on my liver.  Went for scan results today and showed that the tumours in gland have grown, it is 2.1cms now, not a big increase but oncologist said more concerned about my liver showing more spots on it, I am now goin on a chemo called Eribulin, has anyone been on this and what are side effects from it. Thank you,sorry this is my first time on here.

Hi Bezza,

First of all, welcome to the forum. 

This part of the forum is quiet, so it maybe an idea to post in the ‘treatments & medical Issues’ in Living with secondary bc,’ where there is a thread where you can get support from the lovely ladies there who are on erubulin as well as others with a similar diagnosis to you. 

Here’s the link:

Erubulin thread.

Wishing you the very best with it all. 

ann x

really sorry to read your news. I have no specific advice for you as I dont have secodaries, but hopefully if you post in the other board some laides will be able to give you some info on that chemo. hoping it works super effective for you.



hi, do join the very active Eribulin Thread at


we will welcome you on there