metastatic cancer in mammary lymph node in chest

Has anyone ever had a swollen mammary lymph node in chest which when biopsied was metastatic cancer and doctor said it has spread from somewhere but don’t know where.

Hello Gina, just seen your post and did not want to pass you by. I’m sorry you are in this situation. Not quite like you but I had cancer in my  armpit nodes and they could only find non invasive dcis in my breast. I met ano patient who had it in her nodes but no cancer at all to be found in the breast. Not common but it does happen. They call it occult, meaning hidden, cancer. Hope you can get started on treatment and it goes well. Love Mo xx 

Dear GinaK

I had a mammary lymph node in my breast which they told me had cancer that had metastasised to it. It was next to a breast cancer tumour which was in my breast too.