Mets in liver + lung cancer?



I am hoping someone can help me.  I was dx’d with IDC stage 1 Grade 3 in October 2015. I finished my treatments (ACT + radiation) in September of 2016. I had one lesion on my right lung that could not be ruled out for mets, but it has remained stable from my first scan (January 2016), so I go for scans every 6 months to check its progress. I recently did my routine scans and this is what was revealed: new lesion on liver + radioligist thinking that  lesion in lung is not likely to be mets but perhaps an adenosarcoma (lung cancer). I will be doing a PET scan in the coming weeks to rule out lung cancer + do a follow up scan on liver to see if lesion has changed (I did an ultrasound but the lesion is too small and too far back to see).


My questions are: is it possible to have both lung cancer and breast cancer mets in liver at the same time?  I am a wreck.  Has anyone experienced something like this?  Help please!

I just looked in and saw your post, sending you my warmest wishes, but practically, I was wondering if it would be worth you phoning the Macmillan Helpline as I believe they are there until 8pm and possibly have the wider expertise you need?  Keep coming back to the forum of course for support and help, but I was thinking in the here and now, right now.


Wishing you well x

Hi Cirtrinetiff,

First of all, welcome to the forum, but so sorry to hear what you’re going through at the moment. Do look at the 'Living with Secondary Cancer" part of the forum, where the ladies there will be better able to help with your question. The link is HERE

In addition, there is the bcc helpline 0808 800 6000, where you can talk things through.

Sending hugs

ann x