Mets in ribs?

Can anyone help? I’m having a bone scan on thurs because of a very inflamed rib (on the site of my radiotherapy). I thought i was a side effect of the rads but all the medical team were worried. now I’m in a state! Diagnosed in june 07, stage 1 grade 2, lumpectomy and rads. Any kind words or advise welcome!
Love julie X

Hi Julie,
I was diagnosed with bc in 1991 and about a year later had a lot of pain in my ribs, not all over but in small individual places i was very worried about it too as my med team said they would have to investigate so had a bone scan
and all was well. The docs said it was little bony nodules stuck onto my ribs a side affect of the radiology they were quite painful for a long time but over the years they have become a lot better.
I hope you get a good result and i know the waiting is terrible, that is one of the worst parts of having bc we never stop worrying.
Take care,

Thanks Renee,
This is rather a large nodule or lump about 3cm! Is this different to yours?
love Julie X

Yes i had little lumps but you could feel them really well and they were really sore to touch.
Infact i can still feel some of them but they are not nearly as sore.

I won’t know for sure until I get my PET scan results later this week but I think that I have mets in my ribs.There are no detectable nodules, so maybe yours is not a met. I spontaneously broke a rib in January for no reason. My original radiation for the breast 6 years ago was on the other side. The pain was really, really bad. I couldn’t breathe, turn over in bed, and sneezing - oh my g-d!! It took about a month to begin to improve.
I know for sure that I have mets in my sacrum.

I had a bone scan in March which is not a big deal. I compare everything to having an MRI, as I find that probably the worst test. Too noisy, long, claustrophobic etc. So the results came back as increased uptake in my rib and sacrum. Then they go on and do biopsy and PET.

Are you on any pain medication? I found once my pain was controlled, that I was much, much better at dealing with all this crap. The pain killers allow me to have a really good night’s sleep, calm me down and function way better.

Wish you all the best,

Hi Julie,

Really sorry that you have to have a bone scan, hope that it turns out to be something ‘simple’ and not bone mets.
Do you get the results on the day or is it more waiting?
Please let us know how you get on.
My thoughts and prayers are with you for Thursday
Magsi x

Posted this on your other thread but just in case you don’t see it thought I’d put it here as well.
M x

Thanks everyone. I have to wait until next wednesday! Its really hard. I’m still hoping its side effects from the rads. Not had a bone scan before, so dont know how long it takes or anything!
I will let you know the results!
Love Julie X

Hi Julie,
I’m in exactly the same boat as you.
Was dx last January aged 28, grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma, lumpectomy, chemo and rads.

I had a bone scan last friday for exactly the same reason as you, pain in ribs the same side as radiotherapy. I have to wait till a week Friday for the results.

Onc said it is probably radiotherapy scarring but we should do a bone scan. I know the docs do a great job but I was told by my surgeon after he had seen the ultra sound that at my age I wouldn’t have cancer and I did have so my faith in doctors is not 100%.

I’m now thinking the worst and know exactly what your going through.

Fingers crossed,

Mandy xxx

God someone who understands what i’m going through here! I had my scan today and only have to wait until wed 14th, but BC nurse said she’d call on monday with hopefully the results. I’m 40 with 2 children. Crap isn’t it? God bless
Julie X

Hi Julie

I understand what you are going through. You have had the scan and the waiting is horrible cos you just worry what if. The BC nurses are really good but they have not been there, they can support you but dont know how you feel.

My results were not good I have extensive mets I just hope and pray you don’t and its better news than I had. I am still trying to come to terms with it.

My love and concern goes out to you, talk to someone you are close to. Share it with them and let them support you.

If you cannot do that then leave a message on here.

Love and hugs to you


So sorry about your results! What were your symptoms? My bloods came back normal which is good i believe but i’m not out of the woods yet! BC nurse is phoning me on monday.
Take care babes
love Julie X

Hi Julie

I had aches and pains in my ribs my spine and groin, all the places where it hurt is where I have the mets. I was very tearful when I was told but I think I sort of knew something was not right, but did not realise it was that bad. I also could not walk properly. I am on pain killers and iv bisphosphonates.

Julie I just hope you get good news, the blood test sounds good. I will check here again on Monday after you have spoken to the BC nurse.

Take each day at a time, thats what I do.



Did you get to speak to the BC nurse? There is no posting from you, hope you are ok


Hiya Anne,
Results not in yet. She will look again tomorrow! It’s dreadful waiting. I cant concentrate on anything. Please answer back so we can chat.
Love Julie X

Hi Julie

I am really sorry, the waiting is horrid. I hope you get the news tomorrow and its good news. Everything is sort of on hold isnt it. Its the not knowing.


Hi Julie, i really hope you have good news! i really feel for you as I have been in the same boat! love Grace

Thankyou all for your good wishes!
My bone scan was clear!!! The BC nurse phoned me with the results this afternoon! I still have to attend my clinic appointment tomorrow to see if they are going to treat my swollen rib!? I am elated to say the least.
Lots of love Julie XXXX

Hi Julie

I am so happy for you, it is always nice to have good news.

Take care


Brilliant Julie, really thrilled for you!

Magsi x