My earlier post explains why I think I may have breast cancer. I had a breast ultrasound last Thursday and tech stopped transducer over painful spots and clicked away on her monitor. I believe she was measuring what ever it she found. Tomorrow will technically be the 3rd day because of wknd. and wondering if I should call Doc as pain is getting worse in shoulders, chest, arm, ect. Even the Vicodin isn’t covering it anymore:( I am truly afraid and wondering if I have mets to these area’s. I am going to see how I feel in AM and make a decision whether or not I go into work. My heart tells me to stay home and call the doc with the pain increasing. Also because they may call me in for more testing. I am not positive whether doc will just order more tests or refer me to breast specialist or both:p Is there anyone who has had pain in breast, chest,arm,shoulders, underarm, upper back with their diagnosis of BC? Does anyone know what happens next if they do suspect cancer (Abnormality) on Ultrasound? I don’t mind tests but terrified of MRI because of severe claustrophobia:p Any info, advice, ect. would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Hi, all of your aches and pains sound normal to me, I had exactly the same 6 years ago and once I was diagnosed I developed the feeling of having a lump in my throat, once again this was due to the stress, worry and being absolutely terrified. Most of it will be down to you being tense, please try not to worry and just focus on getting through this one day at a time.

Big hugs xxxxx