Microblading Advice

Morning All!!

Hoping you can help me out (again) with some advice.

I’ve had my 1st Oncology appointment, discussed cold cap, wigs etc… but I’ve woken up this morning thinking about eyebrows.

I dont yet have a date for my 1st chemo. What are your thoughts on microblading, how long in advance should you do it, how close to 1st chemo session should it happen? Just your general advice and thoughts please if you have time.


I think you are supposed to have it done as far as in advance as possible as you have to have a skin sensitivity test a couple of days before the treatment and if there’s time have a top up session a few weeks after the first as it fades a little . You can’t have it done during due to risk of infection. Probably worth enquiring about it now .

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I had my microblading done before chemotherapy l was advised by my beautician that as soon as treatment started she would not do the microblading because of infection

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Hi - thanks for the info. Ive just been speaking with a beautician who said the same. She said she’d give me a voucher for my top up for when chemo is finished. Shes worked with a lot of cancer/chemo patients. X

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I’d strongly suggest going for Cold Cap it kept my hair, not eyebrows or nails. I’d also recommend you first establish how much hair you normally shed ie in your hair brush, so you don’t get alarmed even on cold cap about your hair thinning. Yes the chemotherapy takes longer and the first 10 mins are the worst adjusting to the cold. But its so so worth it. I also took a blanket to help keep warm and a head towel to wear and dry my hair afterwards.
Re the microblading - if this is a way of creating eyebrows, then maybe. I did loose some eyebrows but generally they just thinned. the eyelashes soon grew back and winter windyh weather makes any eyes water. Best asking your chemotherapy nurse whom you will meet before any chemotherapy starts. Also get intouch with Macmillans about being fitted for a wig, these were free for us and i still have mine even though i never had need to wear it. I got some scarf head bands etc again from macmillan as they are cheaper, big co provide at a reduced rate.
Also look via Maggies about attending 'the look good feel good makeup session, but try and fit this in with your good week. Chemotherapy week 1 you feel you, 2nd week tired but at the end and the 3rd week you can catch up on tasks. I slotted my Make up event between cycle 5 and 6, so worth it and so much to learn, but do take your own notes helps.
Look forward to an event in the, future to help keep you strong and keep in touch with the forum for great support, you will get through this, and its ok to feel whatever your body cries out for you to feel, Love and light Moonsox xxxxxxx

I’ve had mine done with semi permanent tattooing. Looks very natural and ready to go as soon as I start chemo !!