Microblading eye brown

Hi good evening

I will start my chemotherapy on 05/12 and I would like to know if I can microblading my eye browns next week?

 Thank you so much


Perhaps its worth posting this question on the ’ ask the nurses ’ thread.

i didnt think it was advisable being that close to your chemo date but best to ask.

mini mad…

Hi Adriana


I’d say get a quick appointment now, before you start. Ask your team but I’d be surprised of the answer were yes during chemo - there’s too great a risk of infection from the pigment ‘injected.’ Your immune system won’t be same and your rapid reduction in valuable blood cells leaves you open to infection from the slightest thing. While that doesn’t sound bad, worse case scenario is not infection in the area itself, it’s in your blood and your whole system - sepsis, which you do not want. It can be very scary. You need to take the greatest care to avoid any risk of infection during chemotherapy and most women abandon hair removal - much of it falls out anyway and they haven’t the energy.


Microblading now could compensate for losing the hair of your eyebrows - sorry, it happens. I held onto a few resilient spider legs but everything else disappeared. So get that microblading done asap so you know you have got yourself off to a good start.



Drida, I think you’ve left it too late. As the chemo is very toxic there is every chance the tattooing will cause issues. You could get them hennaed so you’ve got shape and definition, but again you are introducing a dye onto your poor skin, although it is a vegetable dye. Get signed up to the Look Better Feel Better course which will teach you how to use make up to overcome chemo induced issues. Get loads great make up! X

Hi Adriana,


i went along to the Look good Feel better sessions and amongst other advice,  they show you how to draw in your eyebrows…  just keep practising,  it gets easier n looks good.

you can buy stencil sets but i felt like Coco the Clown !!! ??

good luck.    Mini mad

Hi Adriana

i Start my chemo on 3/12, just a few days before you.

i has my eyebrows micro bladed 2 weeks ago, could only have 1 session tho as you are supposed to go back 6 weeks later for the next stage, and I couldn’t with starting chemo. 
mine look good underneath my own brows, so am hoping they’ll be ok if I do lose my own.  
good luck x

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