Microblading for eyebrow loss

Hello ladies

This enquiry seems very trivial bearing in mind what we’re all dealing with but do any of you have any experience or advice regarding microblading or other semi permanent make up for eyebrows?

Mine became very sparse after my breast cancer treatment 8 years ago and have now disappeared since being on palbociclib. My online research seems to indicate that it’s not recommended for the immunosuppresed due to the potential infection risk and skin sensitivity. The advice seems to be that cancer patients should get it done before chemo starts or a few months after finishing. Does that completely rule it out for those of us on lifelong chemo or targeted therapies?

Any personal experiences/advice would be much appreciated.x

I had the soft brushed look done while on steroids & herceptin, awaiting brain radiotherapy.  It’s semi-permanent tattoo, like microblading, but a softer look.

My Onc team signed it off, for the therapist’s insurance & the MRI team weren’t remotely bothered about the minor metal content of the tattooing.


this is just the advice I was looking for, have you had anything done yet and if so how has it been? I am similar to you and am on letrozole and abemaciclib so on it for life.

It does seem trivial in some respects but i believe anything to make you feel more positive is a good thing.

interested to hear anyone’s experience.