I completed chemo on 24th dec and am currently having radiotherapy, the last one being 18th feb ?

Does anyone know when I can have microblading or other cosmetic treatments… I look.so ugly and want to feel better about myself x

Hi Erika


Depending on the chemo, your immune system should be kicking back by 4 weeks after treatment. However, that doesn’t mean your immunity is back to normal - I remember someone at my hospital saying it can take as long as 9 months for certain things to rebuild (but I’ve no idea what). The best person to ask is your breast care nurse who will know your particular circumstances and be able to advise from there.


I’m so sorry you feel ugly. I was devastated by the loss of my eyelashes (I held on to 7 in total) but my skin seemed to glow (I’m old and the defects fell away!) during and after chemo (it was the rest of me that felt s***). Fortunately I had glasses I could hide behind. Maybe if you just change the baseline for a bit and work on what you’ve got rather than what you had before? Have you done the Looking Good course at your hospital? I decided not to - my goddaughter sorted out my needs early on - but lots of women speak highly of it (and the freebies). Hope you find your answers.

Jan (chemocurls just growing out) x