Microcalcification in remaining breast

Hi I am new to this site so apologies if I have posted incorrectly. I was diagnosed with an extensive left IDC 6 months after a clear mammogram in Jan 18. HER2 & ER+ however lymph nodes clear thankfully. I have had 3 x EC, 4 x THP, left mastectomy, 3 weeks radiotherapy and due to have my last of 18 Herceptin Jabs mid May. I am now on Letrozole which is causing horrendous joint pain and Zolendric infusions.  I have just had a mammogram and have been told there is a small area of micro-calcification in my remaining breast. I have been advised that the focal area is too small to biopsy and probably won’t show up on MRI. My breast surgeon has advised they ‘think’ it is ‘probably’ benign, possibly changes due to the treatment and originally arranged a further mammogram and ultrasound. This has now been cancelled with a recommendation to follow up in 1 year. Given that my last diagnosis was only 6 months after a clear mammogram I am not convinced as I feel the cancer must have been quite aggressive given the speed of growth. I have discussed prophylactic mastectomy of my remaining breast as I am unsure after all that has happened if my family and I can cope with the uncertainty, I feel as though I have a time bomb ticking away inside me! I have been advised that the surgeon is happy to proceed (he has discussed this with his team) if this is what I really want. This is a big decision and I know only I can make it but I am looking for any advice or information if anyone has been through the same. Thank you in advance 

Very difficult decision - if only you had a crystal ball ? I understand why you would not be trusting of waiting a year when you last mammogram was clear 6 months before you discovered malignant changes .The only other option would be to ask for a mammogram in 6 months time rather than a year given your last experience and make a decision then based on what they see and how you feel