Hi All,
Last week I had a microductectomy, because I had been bleeding in one place.
Just wondered what other people have been like after having this?
I was expecting to be quite sore and bruised etc but up to now I cannot say I have been sore. For some reason I have been more emotional than anything.
I have still got the plaster on, it can come of after tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to doing this. Hospital didn’t mention having to go to nurse to take it off so presume I just remove it.
Got to go back on 13 for the results, trying not to think about this.

Hello Kezman, 


Sorry you find yourself here.  Always such an anxious time waiting for results isn’t it.  I hope everything works out fine for you.  


I will be honest and say that I do not know what a Microductectomy is?  Is this a procedure to identify persistent nipple discharge?  Apologies if I have got it wrong. 


If you are unsure about the dressing removal,  then you could ring the hospital up or GP and ask for advice. 


Best wishes to you, Chick ? X

Thanks for reply. It was a procedure to remove a duct.
Spoke to doctors today, I’m ok to remove the dressing.
Think waiting is the hardest bit.