Micromets in lymph nodes - anyone else had this?

I had my WLE & SNB on Friday and have recovered well. I was told that the 2 nodes they tested while I was under contained Micromets but they didn’t need to do a full node clearance. Has anyone else had Micromets & does it mean I’m more likely to need chemo? I’m 42 with 17mm IDC grade 2 ER+. Anyone else with similar diagnosis?

Hi minig, I had micromets in my first sentinel node but the remaining 3 were clear and I didn’t need a full clearance either. I had ILC which was 50mm instead of 14mm like they originally though - glad I asked for a dmx. I’ve just started chemo and this will be followed by rads and tamoxifen.

I had micromets on one node in January 2012, I went on to have a full clearance, the rest were clear, but I also know of people with micromets who had a full clearance and other nodes turned out to be affected too. I was 43 when diagnosed with a 19mm, grade 2 IDC. Strongly ER+ and I was advised to have chemo for 2 reasons, 1 because I was considered young for breast cancer, and 2 because of the micromets meant that the cancer was on the move and there was a risk, albeit a small one of spread. I didn’t hesitate and grabbed chemo with both hands. Chemo was doable and I was reasonably well, I continued to work through most of it. I also had 20 fractions of rads and now on Tamoxifen, 16 months after finishing chemo I’m really well, have a great head of hair and delighted that I’ve done everything I can to ensure that I’m around to see my little girl grow up.

Thanks for this info chascat, it does play on your mind re nodes. I think I’ll double check with surgeon and oncologist when I see them on the 13th Dec.

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I had 3 nodes removed, one with micromets. This was done at the same time as my MX - 12th December 2012. My tumour was 36mm grade 3, so I also had chemo even though I’m 62. Now taking Tamoxifen for at least 5 years.


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Found this on the Macmillan website re nodes

If the sentinel nodes do not contain cancer cells, no further surgery will be needed. If the nodes do contain cancer cells, either another operation can be done to remove other nearby nodes, or they can be treated with radiotherapy or chemotherapy.