Mid cycle bleeding on tamoxifen

Morning all,
I started tamoxifen just over 3 months ago. I had a mirena coil fitted 5 years ago to treat heavy periods (possible endometriosis) and had this removed in September. When I had the coil out my periods came back in a 32ish day cycle - heavy for a couple of days then easing so not as bad as before. I also noticed that mid cycle I was getting quite a bit of ovary pain. I had an Onc appt in December and mentioned the periods and ovary pain. The Onc seemed to think the pain was due to having the coil out and starting tamoxifen soon after ie hormones all over the place. Said they’d wait and see what happened because such early days. Did say that I was to let them know if the pain become more regular and if I had any irregular bleeding. So noticed pain beginning again a couple of days ago (exactly mid cycle) but yesterday it was joined by period pain and bleeding. I’m going to call my Oncology Nurse today but I’m wandering should I also make a gp appt and ask to be referred back to my gynae about this or should I ask my Onc Nurse to do this and push for a scan? Not sure who is the best person to speak to to get results. Thanks

Hi Ruth, sounds similar to me initially, I had coil for five period free years then after diagnosis was told it had to go. I experienced a lot of ovary pain, could actually pin point the release of an egg as it used to have me doubled over, but then eased. Didn’t have any break through bleeding until I had been on tamoxifen for three years. This usually taken seriously as being on it can increase the risk of a thickened endometrium and lead to other nasties. I was referred by gp to gynae and am waiting for biopsy results . However, as you just been on tamoxifen short period of time would think that maybe things just settling down in your system but would def chat to bcn and or gp or onc for peace of mind. Good luck.

Sandra x

Hi Sandra.Had appt with GP this afternoon - been referred for scan to rule out cysts, thickening of womb lining etc. Said it could just be hormones settling but wants to check everything else too. Least I know it’ll be looked into now. Thanks for advice. x