Middle chest pain

Hi everyone I have been diagnosed with BC and am having a mastectomy on 10th, my current concern is I have a heavy feeling in the middle of my chest, last week I had another biopsy (2 the week before) and wondered if this had anything to do with it, or if anyone has the same problem. Couldn’t get home if my breast care nurse today and feeling worried xx

Hi Helen ,you could ring 111 for some advice if you are worried .May just be after effects of biopsy -I was very bruised and swollen -but def best to speak to BC nurse tomorrow if you can .If you can’t get hold of her ring GP for advice .Hope you feel better soon .Jill x.

Thankyou Jill, I will call the nurse in the morning again, feeling anxious is helping I guess , xx

anxiety can cause all sorts of weird and scary symptoms -I had horrendous palpitations when first diagnosed .Get some advice to put your mind at rest .

I definitely will thanks again x