might be a silly question

Hi everyone

I am due to have rads next year after finishing 6 months of chemo. My question is - is there a time length from completing rads to being able to fly?
Really need something to look forward to next year and want to book a holiday - but do not want to be disappointed if have to cancel.

Thank you

Anne x

good question, Anne, I’d be interested to know the answer t this one too.

HI Anne
I finished rads on 15th November this year and am flying on the 29th November. Radiographers were fine with it
My skin split really badly after my last session but has healed already


I am flying to Oz 5 days after finishing rads (in just over 2 weeks - hurray). My onc is totally okay about this and I have consulted her every step of the way. I even specifically asked her if it was okay to book on that date. She was arranging my herceptin treatment around my plans.

I have been warned I will be totally kn***ered when I get on the plane but when I get to Sydney, my sister is picking me up and she, my niece, nephew and brother-in-law have promised to be my slaves over Xmas and New Year. I can’t wait! I have 24 hours to sleep on the plane and I have bought a small tube of E45 cream to continue to slather on the breast during the trip!

All I would say is that I would advise not booking anything until you are completely sure of your rad dates as I know they can change.

My holiday is what is keeping me going through the end of my treatment. It really is light at the end of the tunnel. I hope you get your holiday - you deserve it too

Sharon x

I finish rads on Thursday and hope to go away on Sat 8th December. My oncologist is ok with this. My only problem is that my skin has broken down and I just hope it will be better by then. You really need to check with your oncologist because the insurance companies ask if you have been told that you shouldn’t travel.

Good luck with your treatment.


Hi everyone

Thanks for that. My mum seemed to think I woould have to wait 3 months from completing rads. I could not think of a reason for this - glad it is not true. Look forward to planning the holiday now but will make sure their is some gap just in case rads not starting when it should.

Hope you all have lovely holidays - enjoy - you deserve it.

Thank you again


Anne x