mild lymphoedema

Does anyone know if its safe to to use slendertone after having lymph nodes removed from both axillae. I think I have mild lymphoedema of one arm, though its not painful or heavy its bigger then the other. Both are flabby and I want to tone them up! Thanks HK

Hey Kristine,
one of the things I’ve found so tricky after axillary clearance is knowing what you can and can’t do that might put you at risk of lymphodema - but I do know that the lasses on the lyomphodema threads might say go and get some help with the arm that you think is affected now, even if only a little bit.
IN the end, having found some good info in the Haven booklet on lymphodema but nothing specific enough, I went to a very experienced physio who treats lots of women with cording etc and she gave me a set of really good exercies to build up my flabby arms gradually!
best of luck, Nicola

Moorcow, how did you find that physio?
I asked for referral to the physios in the early post op days when I had cording but was discouraged and told just to carry on with the basic exercises. Now a minor bit of cording comes and goes, and I know I would benefit from better exercising so I would like to see a physio “without burdening the NHS”! Just don’t know how to find one with the right skill set

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