Milk duct removal

Hello just wanted to ask a question please, doctors want to remove all milk ducts on right hand side of my right breast but said it will cause a deformity of the breast, I just wanted to know if you can have a boob job to make it look normal again nothing huge just the same size they are now lol

Hi Serena,

You won’t need a boob job, if you want one afterwards, you would probably have to go private. I had the procedure done last December on my right side and had my left side done just over a week ago. The swelling on my right side from the operation took a few months to go down and to begin with I was unhappy with the way it looked, now the nipple doesn’t look much different to what it looked like before. You just need to give it a chance to heal xx

Thanks for reply, surgeon at hospital had said it will be deformed on right side as its a large amount they will have to remove x

I would ask your surgeon if they reconstruct afterwards. I’ve had all my milk ducts removed plus additional tissue and luckily mine are fine. Hope your operation goes well xx