Minimal family history of cancer but I am pregnant and had breast cancer last year



I had early stage breast cancer last year (stage 1, grade 2 ER 7/8, PR 8/8).


The only cancer in my family that I know of is from my dad’s sister who had ovarian cancer which happened before I was born I think. She died from it as she refused a hysterectomy as she wanted to have a child.


I was never tested for the BRCA genes despite informing my oncologist and surgeon of this potential link.


Is it likely my daughter could have one of the BRCA genes from me when she is born? I was never offered testing for this, yet it seems it was available through CVS or amniocentris (or however you spell it) I have today learnt!





Hi Rebecca,

I think in order to be tested for BRCA muutations you have to have had a first degree relative that has had a relevant cancer, ie. mother, sister, with breast, ovarian, or, father, brother with prostrate, breast. That was the criteria when I was tested back in 2005. 

I don’t know about testing via amniocentesis, that is the amniotic fluid, my understanding is that its only via a blood sample. If you haven’t been tested I don’t see how they would know what they were looking for in the foetus?? I suppose if you did have a known mutation when you were pregnant then they could have taken a foetal blood sample to identify if your baby carried the mutation.

It may help you to research your family history, I did and was staggered to learn of many people who had died from cancer including stomach and pancreatic.  Perhaps if you can establish a stronger link then you may be able to convince genetics to test you. 

Any child of a person with a BRCA mutation has a 50% chance of inheriting it.  if you haven’t got it then your daughter won’t have it either.  

My daugher has inherited the BRCA 2 mutation from me; she has been told that when she wants to start a family her eggs will be extracted and tested, those with the mutation will be destroyed and only the ‘good’ eggs will be kept.

If you really want to pursue this then I think you will have to badger your doctors for a referral, as on the surface your link to BRCA related cancers is quite weak. However, don’t give up!

Best wishes, I hope I’ve helped a little!