Minoxidil/Regaine for speeding up hair growth

Hi, has anyone used minoxidil or Regaine succcessfully to speed up hair regrowth? Just finished FEC-T and keen to grow my long hair back as quickly as possible. Regaine is advocated for baldness or alopecia and says it must be used for life otherwise the hair falls out again but just wondered if anyone has used it just to speed hair growth up and had no problems with hair loss when they stopped using it? I’m assuming at this stage that my hair will grow back in thick again as it was before so not looking at this in view of chemo induced alopecia just For speed of growth only but a bit nervous about the talk of must be used for life or hair falls out again. Can only assume this wouldn’t be the case if hair follicle is healthy before using? Anyone any experience of this product? Thanks

Hi Issy, I haven’t used it for this very reason! I haven’t lost my hair due to treatment but have suffered hair shedding periodically over the years resulting in my hair getting very thin at times, but no patches. I’ve seen dermatologists, physicians and trichologists and have been reassured these treatments work by delaying hair shedding but if/when you stop taking them the hair will fall out. A slower process, but I’d say much better, to take a supplement that will support new hair growth such as Viviscal or similar, or Sun Chlorella A which is the one I now take. I’ve taken Viviscal and know others who have been happy with it but personally I prefer Sun Chlorella A as I believe it also helps from my cancer side of things. Hope you get your hair back how you want it soon, Kxx