Miracle Fruit?

Hi Everyone. Someone has suggested I try Miracle Fruit tablets to help counter the revolting tastes I have for at least 2 weeks after EC treatment. Apparently they alter your taste perception for a short time and, if that meant I could eat a meal without revulsion just once a day, I would consider it worth it. I can’t find anything that shouts NO, apart from the high cost. Has anyone tried these with any successs? 


I did follow up the suggestion about ice lollies but the oncology team were discouraging, saying it was only likely to help if the full mouth and tongue were numb for the duration of the treatment and they’d stopped handing out lollies a couple of years ago! I couldn’t handle a numb mouth but, after this round’s effects, I’m definitely taking a couple of lollies to suck next time, even if the improvement is negligible.