Mirena coil

I had my diagnosis confirmed yesterday - one small lump plus the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes. I am having the lump and the lymph nodes removed in about 3 weeks. I will have radio therapy, and a decision about whether or not I need chemo will be made following the op. The nurse has advised that I have my Mirena (hormone) coil removed at some point. Can someone explain why? Does it need to happen before the radio therapy starts? Not really cancer related, but - having had this type of coil fitted for about 14 years, am i likely to get any side effects specifically from having it removed?


Thank you!

Hi Mac66, if you haven’t been told already, I would think your biopsy has shown your Cancer to be ER+ and/or PR+ so is being fed by Oestogen and Progesterone, hence the need to remove something that is releasing these hormones into your body. When my Cancer was confirmed after the biopsy I wasnt told it was ER/PR+ but I was told to have my inplant removed. Hope this helps CC x

Hi Chezz, for info when i saw my GP to have my implant removed she was quite adamant it was unnecessary, however, she did check on some kind of NHS database in front of me and it did confirm what my onc had said, thought it was worth a mention x