Hi there,

I am going through a really low patch and am due to go my doctor’s surgery this afternoon to pick up a prescription for mirtazapine.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience of this drug.


Hi Snoogle, Although I do not have secondaries, I have been on mirtazapine in the past. The main side effects i found with it were weight gain, increased appetite and intially it knocked me out at night and the next day. If sleeplessness, weight loss and lack of appetite are problems for you , it is ideal. Probably best i have known for sleeping. You do become more tolerent of the knock out qualities of it but the effect on sleep remains the same. I hope this helps.

Rachy xx

Thanks Rachy,

I have decided to start taking them tonight as hubby is concerned about how tired i’ll be and thinks starting at the weekend that at least he’ll be around to look after the kids.


Mirtazapine does cause drowsiness initially, which can be really quite marked. However, if you continue to take it, the drowsiness does diminish (may take up to a week, depending on the dose!) - but then the improvement in sleep quality kicks in. What that means is, your sleep pattern will improve, so you have the right amount of the various types of sleep that make up a “normal” night’s sleep. This is all to do with the pattern of deep sleep/light sleep, which cycles through the night when “refreshing” sleep is gained.

Yes, you may well feel a bit “zonked” to start with - but persevere - this drug really can help with putting the right sort of sleep pattern back.

As for the weight gain issue - this drug can increase appetite, useful if you have lost interest in food - but will lead to weight gain if it just makes you want to eat more! Be aware of this - if you enjoy food generally, just watch that you don’t increase your portions - and/or eat more “healthy” stuff as otherwise this coulde lead to weight gain.

I do have personal experience of this drug - if you want more info - please do pm me, otherwise - hope this is useful!


Hi. This is a brilliant antidepressant! What dosage are you on? oddly, the higher the dose the less weight you tend to gain. I am on 30mg and have been for the last 2 weeks. Try to eat as healthily as you can and try to exercise and weight gain can be kept to a minimum. Sleepiness does wear off after a few weeks. Try taking it earlier in the evening to start with, say 9pm and you will be generally ok the next morning. I have been on this drug before, quite a few years ago, and found it pretty easy to come off also.


Into second week taking drug now. Seeing GP next week so I guess we will discuss any changes to the dosage then. I generally have had a problem with weight gain since starting chemo last year. Then it was the steroids that made me so hungry. I am finding my appetite increased with these drugs and find it very hard not to snack. Since diagnosis last March I have gone from a size 12 to 16/18. The only kind of exercise I tend to get is swimming and haven’t been able to do that since my mx earlier this year. I am still waiting for the wound to heal sufficiently.

I have my first counselling session this afternoon. Really not sure what to expect, will try to keep an open mind, but prior to this I have always been against counselling. So we shall see.


Hi Snoogle,
Mirtazepine is a very good anti depressant to aid sleeplessness, and another useful side effect is that it may help with hot flushes, although it doesn’t in my case! I gave been on it for years. recently tried to cut down from 45mg to 30mg but having such trouble sleeping due to pain, hot flushes and general miserableness that I have increased it, and I have slept much better last three nights. As the others have said, the doziness you might feel during the day when first starting does go away, and I don’t suffer at all now.
It is a good anti-depressant, and I sincerely hope it helps you.
Best wishes,