miscarrage now diagnosed breast caner

hiya wanted to join some forums so i can chat to others in similar positions. my name is rachele im 33 started trying for a baby when i was 28 i was dagnosed with endometriosis after a laparoscopy and was told i lost a falopian tube due to damage and my last option would be IV,  was due to start last year and fell pregnant naturally after years of trying was over the moon sady lost our baby at 16 weeks was devastating, just getting over this and getting back to normalty when i found a lump in the upper part of my breast …sadly this was a palaple lymph node with grade 2 ER positive cancer cells had futher testing and found large scale DCIS and a small invasive tumour in my right breast, now after futher tests my left breast looks suspicios so have a biopsy booked for tommorow.


ive just had such a lot to deal with all my friends are having babys and i seem to be the only one going through this terrible time, i know im not thats why i would find it a support speaking to others.


have my mastectomy (a nipple skin sparing one) booked 20 june and im terrified more so of being put to sleep. this is the worst part the waiting knowing that its in my body.


how do you calm your fears on it being elsewhere in your body every single pain and ache is sending me into a spin.


sorry for long post but any support would be greatly appreciated



Hiya Rachele

Just want to send a hug  - I’m sure you’ll get support from other young women but I didn’t want your post to be unanswered tonight. You are having such a hard time, maybe phone the helpliners, they put me in touch with another woman similar to me, we’ve had a few phone calls and that’s been very comforting. 

Also, I wonder, did anyone give you support group contact after you lost your baby? 




You have such a lot to deal with,


 I hope you find some comfort and calm, with love, Caroline



thankyou yeah i spoke to a counciler after my loss which helped a little. I would say I am dealing better with my breast cancer diagnosis than i did after lossing my baby but maybe going through that made me stronger so I am hoping this will make me stronger again.


I have suffered terribly from anxiety and panic attacks for years so all of this happening is hard to deal wiith