Miscarriage with first pregnancy after BC

Just wondering if there’s anyone else who’s been through a miscarriage after BC? My husband and I started trying I’m Sept last year having been given the go ahead by my oncologist. He recommended that if I wasn’t pregnant by Jan this year that they refer me for IVF (we did embro storage in between my surgery and chemo) by the Jan when I wasn’t pregnant I went to my GP and we stared the whole process off… Blood, fertility testing, scan… Only to find out at the routine scan I was 4 weeks pregnant - I was over the moon but from day one by GP was very doom and gloom - to add to my woes I have underactive thyroid ( which also adds to fertility issues and can cause m/c and still birth if not monitored) anyway long story short after routine bloods they thought something wasn’t right and referred me to the early pregnancy unit. The babies heartbeat was intermittent - I was sent home and told to wait two weeks. At 8 weeks my babies heartbeat was gone. Because of my medical history we opted for an assisted miscarriage with medication, which was a disaster -I lost too much blood any had to be rushed to hospital and the surgical team intervened to save my life (again!). The whole thing was traumatic and stressful. Everyone keeps saying at least you know you can get pregnant… But that’s little consolation and actually after the emergency treatment I had to have we don’t know if I can. This coupled with the other well intended, ‘miscarriages are very common’ makes me want to scream! I feel like screaming at them, yes they are but having had breast cancer, chemo and radiation prior to loosing your first child in such a horrific ordeal is not!!! - wondered if there were any other ladies out there who have had a miscarriage after breast cancer? My best friend from school is due two weeks after our due date so feeling a little isolated right now…

Hi,I haven’t been through the same turmoil as you re fertility /miscarriage but just wanted to wish you all the best and fingers crossed for a good outcome ,we all deserve some good luck after going through misery of breast cancer.Very painful to have a friend about to have a baby at same time as little one was due. Keeping everything crossed for you .Jill.

Thanks Jill, I’ve not been on for a while. I suffered a second miscarriage in August. So it’s been a tough year. I’ve not lost hope just yet, it’s just some days are more difficult than others x

Sorry to hear that.Fingers crossed for you .

It’s a while since you posted but wanted you to know that just after I was diagnosed I had a mc, went through all my treatments and then fell pregnant again but it ended in emergency surgery to remove baby and fallopian tube. It’s been 7 months since my ectopic and I’m now pregnant again and baby is in the right place this time. I hope everything works out well for you x

Wishing you all the best Cara - really hope this time you have better luck and baby arrives safe and well.