Miss so much to be able to hold my little boy!!!!

I had mx ten days ago and what is bothering me the most is that I cannot carry my baby boy. It is still easy to relate to my two years old girl as she understands that I had surgery and that she needs to go easy on me. But with my ten months old baby that never stands still and is only learning how to walk is where I am having difficulties. I feel guilty for not being able to be as present in his life as I wish. Who long does it take until we can actually carry a baby again?

So sorry this is upsetting you. In this horrible journey it’s the simplest things that seem to upset us the most.
I had my mastectomy ( but no lymph nodes removed) on 16 th January. I was back to picking up my 2 year old about a fortnight later. Now it’s like I never really had the op, she climbs all over me and I swing her about. We even have been swimming. Hang on in there, I’m sure it won’t be long until you can pick your little ones up again. Big hugs xxx

Please please do not feel guilty your little boy will still know that you love him from the way that you look at him laugh with him, play with him, soothe him when upset etc.

Best of wishes