Missed diagnosis

Hi everyone,

I was just diagnosed with breast cancer yesterday.  Tears anger and frustration have filled my time.  I could deal with the cancer the problem is I have too find a new trust in the system.  I went in for a 3D mammogram in April 2019 because there was a suspicious area on my yearly mammogram.  Then an ultrasound 20 minutes later.  The radiologist came in and said everything looks fine. 10 days ago while on vacation I felt a lump.  Called my Dr. and she sent me for another mammogram and ultrasound ( just in case, but since you were good in April don’t worry).  I ended up with a biopsy on Friday and Monday got the dreaded (you have cancer call from my Dr.  She was obviously upset and then told me that the cancer was there back in April but when they did the ultrasound they were checking at 8 o’clock instead of 2 o’clock where the cancer was showing on the mammogram. so here I sit with cancer and no treatment for 6 months.  On top of that I can’t get in to see a Dr for another month. Please pray for me.

Hi DebJ, sorry to hear things haven’t gone well with your diagnosis processing.  Valuable time has been lost so I understand your anxiety.  Was the lump smaller on the first mammogram and harder to see?  It’s very normal to feel scared, angry and upset after diagnosis.  My breast cancer was found already at stage 3b locally advanced including 9/12 lymph nodes.  That was back in March 2017 and here I am after chemo, surgery and radiotherapy and doing very well.  Here’s my story which may give you some hope and comfort, as well as some useful tips:  lifeafterlola.com/


once your treatment plan is in place you can chat with others on here who are going through the same.  I found this very helpful.  Come back on here in the meantime if you need someone to talk to as there are plenty who understand what you’re going through.  

Hi Deb


No wonder you feel angry and upset. It doesn’t help to know these things happen and the system isn’t infallible when you’re on the receiving end. I found myself in the same boat. I had a clear mammogram in February 2018. I had some tiny but interesting changes in my areola in September 2018, saw my GP who was intrigued and referred me and then I went to a private hospital. The ultrasound done there showed nothing to worry about. Fortunately the consultant did biopsies on my nipple and, to his shock (his word), I had cancer. Each week thereafter, the diagnosis got worse. I was furious about the radiologist who did the ultrasound but he was on holiday so I couldn’t vent my frustration. Another radiologist found two lumps and an infected sentinel node! 


I knew I had a long haul ahead of me and I couldn’t change what had happened - an NHS radiographer had missed my well-established breast cancer, a private radiologist missed what he was paid to be looking for. After refusing to pay for the ultrasound, I let it all go and focused on being terrified on what lay ahead (what a waste of energy that was!). I’m here, I’m No Evidence of Disease and I’m battling with chemocurls now. Maybe the delay didn’t make things worse. Maybe it did - I shan’t ever know. I think what I’m trying to say is, your state of mind is going to be paramount in what lies ahead so try to let go of what can’t be changed for your own sake. Focus on what lies ahead which, btw, is nowhere near as horrifying as we are led to believe. Breast Cancer gets such a bad press!


If you are in the UK, the NHS Trusts are committed to a 2-week turnaround between referral and seeing a consultant so do check your referral. Meantime, we’ll be thinking of you. You’ll find a lot of support here and, if you need a sympathetic ear, ring the number above - they are so understanding. Take care x