Mistletoe Trial

Hi. I am due to start chemotherapy in a couple of weeks. I have been asked to take part in a trial where they use mistletoe injections to minimise the side effects of chemo. Has anyone done this? How did you get on?

The only thing putting me off is that it is three injections a week and you have to have the first 4 weeks worth at the hospital so they can teach you to give the injections yourself so an extra 12 hospital visits. 


L x 

Hi LBow


I’ve not heard of this but ANYTHING that can mitigate the effects of chemotherapy has to be worth a try (unless it brings effects of its own). The possible effects of chemo are well-documented  but the longer-term effects are less well-known. If you can avoid these, I say give it a try. Good luck and please keep us posted if you choose to go ahead.

Hi Lbow82 

Iv used mistletoe as injections post treatment to help deal with treatment and reduce reoccurrence. I was not part of a trial, I was seeing a private medical Dr, who also works holistically. 
The other name used for mistletoe is Iscador. 

Hi there

Like you I am about to start Chemo in a few weeks. I have also been asked if I would take the Mistletoe injections.

I was told I would have an injection once a week before chemo and that I would be able to inject myself at home.

My only concern is do the Mistletoe injections have any side effects. If they don’t then anything that helps with chemo must be worth a go.

Would be nice to hear of anyone else who has taken them.

Would like to hear what you decide

Good luck


Hi Monica
How did the mistletoe treatment work for you and have you had a recurrence?
Thanks very much