Mitral Valve regurgitation

Hello lovely ladies, not sure if I’ve posted this in the right place or not, but here goes.
Have BC with bone and liver mets, have done Tamoxifen, Arimidex, Aromasin Letrozole, FEC and just been taken off Faslodex as I feel so awful. Seeing Onc on Tuesday and probably going back on chemo.
Been getting short of breath on exertion for a few months now, then a visit to my GP showed up a heart murmer which to me was new. Had an Echocardiogram yesterday, and have been diagnosed with a leaking mitral valve. Any one else had this and how did they cope.
I used to be really fit, but this has serverely curtailed my fitness, and I am worried as to how much exercise I can do, as I am scared of doing more damage to the valve.
Thank you
Jane xxx

Hi Jane,

Sorry you;re having so much trouble especially to do with your hear. Unfirtunately I have no knowledge but thought it would be good to bump this up for you encase any no has had similar problems.

re execise I would wait until you see a specialist/GP to see what information they can give you.

I hope you get this sort out asasp.
Take care
Chris xxx

Sorry I can’t help either but bumping in hopes your post will be seen by someone who can.
I agree with Steris, wait and have a chat with medics about exercisre choices, I’m sure you’ll be able to something but you need to know what not to do - good luck!

Thanks for bumping me up girls. Ended up in hospital this week with suspected heart valve infection, so have spoke to the Dr’s about my concerns. Apart from walking, I will leave the exercise alone, as at some point I will need surgery to repair the valve, and I’ve just started on Capecitabine.
LOL, you would think metastatic BC was enough for any girl to cope with, and now I’ve got this as well, must have been very bad in a previous life.

Don’t do things by halves do you!?! Good luck with the Cap, hope it works well for you and SE’s are kind. Any idea when they might address the heart problem? Good luck through it all, keep in touch xx

From what they said at the hospital, they want to get the cancer under some sort of control first, then tackle the heart surgery.
Started Cap on Saturday, and boy do I feel hellish, hope it gets better, cant cope with this long term. ss

Sorry you are feeling rough, not had Cap myself but believe dose can be reduced if SE’s are bad. Hope you will feel less rotten soon xx