Mixed Feelings

I’ve just had my first mammogram one year after diagnosis and have to wait 2-3 weeks for my results. I’m trying to put it to one side and feel positive but I’m feeling really anxious, just wondered if there was anyone out there in the same position. I had a lumpectomy for early stage cancer and am now on Anastrozole for 5 years. 

Hi TKN - I know exactly how you feel. I had my 4th yearly mammogram in November and I get very anxious in the run up and the wait for results every year. It would be easy to say try not to think of it, but in practice that is much harder. Somehow you need to try to find a way to “lock the results in a box” and only allow yourself a short time each day to think about them - again not easy, but perhaps worth a try? The wait for me is mixed up with feelings surrounding the anniversaries of diagnosis/treatment so I find it a tough time.

I don’t think I’ve helped you at all - but I hope I’ve reassured you that feeling anxious is very normal. I’m here any time you just want to chat or offload. Big hugs, Evie xx


I endorse everything Evie has said. I don’t want to but I shall spoil it by saying I’m one of the lucky ones who seems able to shut most of the bad stuff in a box and only take it out when necessary. “I’ll worry about that when I have to” seems to have become a mantra (though it’s useless against my phobias lol - I obsess constantly). The thing is, even if I don’t think about it consciously, there must be some processing going on in my mind because, for example, I have to go tomorrow for the results of a surprise MRI and my insides feel like jelly. Still not thinking about it tho!

You’d have to be be superhuman not to worry. Your worry is completely rational, based on the knowledge that statistically there is a possibility. The ‘trick’ is to view those statistics differently. I’ll PM you the email my genius breastcare nurse sent me when I was close to meltdown, having foolishly googled something (the only time I’ve googled, honest!!). I hope you’ll find it helpful and maybe it will shift your perspective a bit. 

All the best for a good result,

Jan x


I hope you don’t mind my hijacking your thread but I mentioned I was getting some MRI results to you. I’d just like to say they show no sign of cancer, a huge relief all round.

And my anxious tummy still hasn’t heard the news lol.

Good luck and I hope all is well with you too,

Jan x