Moisturiser post-surgery


I had a lumpectomy 5 weeks ago and reduction sugery on the other breast. I have been wearing the bra the hospital gave me day and night as instructed and will do so for a few more weeks. The trouble is that when I take off the bra there are dry white flakes, like dandruff, all over it, particularly on the band underneath the breasts. (sorry if too graphic!) I messaged the nurses and got a reply saying I could use a moisturiser, as the lack of air to the breasts is clearly making them very dry. I asked if they could recommend a particular moisturiser but got no reply.

Can anyone here recommend one? I am obviously scared of putting any of those horrible chemicals that are in cosmetics onto my breasts. I could go to my local, knowledgeable, health products shop and ask for something with the least chemicals in it but then it occurred to me to ask the hive mind!

Thank you.

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Hi @rosab

I had a mastectomy, and I’ve Boots Scar Serum on the scar and Bio-Oil on the rest of the affected area, which helped a lot. I’m still using it now, two months on, and have had no irritation.

Hope this helps

Karen x

Thank you Karen. That’s very helpful. On a related topic, can anyone recommend a range of make-up that has less nasties in it? I am thinking of getting Dr Haushka.

All the very best with your recovery x

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Hello Rosab, I use coconut oil on my mastectomy scar and flat breast area. It is pure, organic, very hydrating and smells divine. It is thick in the jar but melts to an oil when it touches the skin. Almond oil is also good. Love Tulip xxx

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JoJoba oil is very pure and has a chemical structure close to that of our normal skin oils. I used it after surgery and during and after radiotherapy for quite a while - it’s not cheap but absorbs surprisingly well for an oil. I have now switched to Aveeno which I have found to be very good and my friend was prescribed it after radiotherapy - however you might want to check the list of chemicals to see that you’re happy with it. I also have Proskins sleep bras which moisturise and condition your skin - it’s actually a crop top but it’s thin with no padding so you can wear a bra over the top. Sometimes the wound dressings can dry out the breast as well - I noticed this after removing my dressing together skin beneath was very dry and started moisturising straight away. Hope it clears up xx

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Thanks very much, that’s great. x

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Thank you Tulip. I will look into it xx

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I used organic aloe Vera gel which contains no nasties and is very soothing

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Thank you, that’s good to know.