Hi everyone,

How soon after your surgery did you start to moisturise your breast in preparation for radiotherapy?

I’m 19 days post surgery. Scar seems to have knitted well. Lots of bruising/discolouration so was also thinking of massaging to help disperse the bruising etc

I’ve got the Aveeno Moisturiser and was thinking of getting Bio Oil.

Thanks for all your help so far! 


Hello CB

Hope you are doing OK? How long post surgery are you?

Are you already a regular moisturiser? If so just carry on doing what you usually do around the wound. The bruising etc will gradually disappear on its own. 

You are unlikely to get your radiotherapy for a couple of months and by that point you will be completely healed both inside and out (my scar looked healed before I felt completely healed inside: I still got discomfort if I jiggled too much for too long!) 

Aveeno will be absolutely fine, the key is to use it often. I swapped stories with a lady in the waiting room and we both said we’d moisturised a minimum of 3 times a day through treatment and both came through with minimal skin reactions. The other key is drink loads of water it helps with skin hydration and to fight the fatigue 

I’m not sure about using bio-oil during treatment (I’m sure someone else may be able to advise!) in my head I thought no I wouldn’t use it when sunbathing so I won’t use it now, but I don’t think there is any harm using it now and after the RT. I’m thinking of using now (4 weeks post RT) however my SNB scar is barely visible and my breast scar is a little deeper but around the nipple so not that noticeable. 

AM xxx