Moles + radiotherapy

Has anyone any experience of radiotherapy on pre existing moles…I have some small flat freckle type ones, plus a slightly larger sticky out one in the crease under the breast and a long stretchy one underneath my arm close to arm pit they will be zapping…
I’ve read that it can cause these small brown mole things but not what happens to these pre existing ones…another 2 weeks before appointment with oncologist.

Hi Tally

Shouldn’t think it would be a problem. I had four weeks of radiotherapy and have a few existing moles, especially on my right boob. I had no problems during or after rads with the moles or in fact with my skin at all.

Good luck : )

shenagh x

Hello tally!
Radiothera. could help too. But, like you, I want to find a very simple way to get rid of this big mole I have on my shoulder. :confused: I don’t want to spend much money on this, but if that is the only solution left,I’ll be doin’ it. But, I am positive that there are some other ways to get rid of it easily. :)) I’ll be searchin’ and I’ll update you if I found somethin :)) Goodluck to the both of us! =D

Shocks tally!!

I am too scared to have it radiothera. or either laser! Hope i could find a better and inexpensive solution! Lol