Mondor's Disease - your experiences?

Hi everyone
On 10th December I had 2 breast lumps removed. One was a papilloma, the other was what turned out to be a reactive lymph node. Both were found to be benign thankfully.
In the past 3 weeks I have developed what I believe to be Mondor’s disease - as I can feel a hard cord running from the scar tissue in my breast where the lymph node was, down a line to my tummy, about 6 inches in length. It is tight and painful, particularly when I elevate my arm.
I have just seen a GP who had never seen the condition (I suggested what i thought it might be) and she going to try and refer me to a lymphatic clinic at my local hospital.
I just wondered if any other Mondor’s disease sufferers had had any treatment (physio) for the condition, or did it resolve in time? I’d be really grateful for any suggestions!
Many thanks

Not sure about this at all so sending to the top. I had cording in my arm , a tight rope like string running all the way down my arm and I had physion and literally felt the cords snap. It was painful but it did give me relief. Hope things improve for you soon. Love Tracy xxx

Hi I had this in uneffected breast. It went away on its own but took a few months to go completely.


I had Mondor’s disease for several months after three lots of surgery and because I was such a wimp it really was very restrictive!
I didn’t persevere with the exercises because it hurt so much and it probably took a lot longer than it should have.
So, my advice is to really do those exercises all the time!!!
Just stretching through that cording will help tremendously.
Good luck.

I eventually had to have so much physio because my shoulder became ‘frozen’ with insufficient activity.
It’s not easy to look after yourself when you’ve beeen through so much, is it?
Really feel for you.

Welsh girl x

Yes. I had it and at first it was so painful I couldn’t wear a bra. It was really painful at first, so I took myself off the breast clinic for them to have a look and just confirm for me that it wasn’t anything to worry about, and the doc said she’d only seen about three cases in four years. There was also a student doctor there as well, so I invited him to have feel too…

That was a couple of weeks before Christmas, and it’s all cleared up, I stretched and massaged though I hadn’t been given any specific exercises to do, and the real discomfort wore off pretty quickly.

Well done for having benign rather than malignant conditions, I’m very happy for you. :slight_smile:

Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply, your responses were really helpful. I am now being referred to the hospital to see a specialist physio within the next 2 weeks who will give me some exercises, but in the meantime have been told to take anti inflammatories and stretch the cord as much as possible.

Thanks again

Pippa x