Mondor's disease

I have posted this for new user Al
Jo, Facilitator

I think I have this condition but find it interesting how hard it was to find information on it. Even my Dr. didn’t know what it was. I am going for an ultra-sound to rule out the possibility of cancer. Is there anyone else out there who has gone through this?

Looking for help in Canada.

Hi Al,

Welcome to the forums, I’m sure you’ll get lots of support from the many users of this site. In the meantime I have posted for you below the link to BCC’s publication regarding Mondor’s disease, I hope it helps.

BCC have a helpline facility which you can access from outside the UK if you need to talk to someone in confidence, the number to call is (+44) 2076 200 077. The lines are open (UK time) 9am - 5pm Mon to Fri and 9am - 2pm Sat.

Hope this helps

Jo, Facilitator

I have posted this for new user Al,

Thanks, Jo, it was on the BCC web-site that I printed off the information on Mondor’s Disease to take with me to the Dr. It was also where I found you guys. I will see what happens when I go for my ultra-sound. I am wondering how rare this condition is.


it’s a kind of phlebitis of veins in the breast and if I remember correctly, lizziec had it/has it who posts on here. It worried her a lot for a while.

Hi there, I just wondered if you had any responses to your post? I too have developed Mondor’s, and I would like to know what treatment has been recommended for it, and if it was effective? I have been in terrible pain with mine for 7 months now :frowning: Thanks, Sheena x