Mondors disease

Hi, please delete if I’m in the wrong area. Finally after 2 years I’ve been given a diagnosis of Mondors disease (even though it didn’t start in the typical way or follow the usual symptoms) my question is where would I go to talk to someone about it? Google says it lasts a few week at most but I’ve had it for 2 years with a lump that is growing but doesn’t show up on a ultrasound. I’ve had 3 separate opinions and they’ve said it’s not cancer (though tbh the first two were a shambles from start to finish. 3rd was the best I think) I’m just looking for someone who has had a similar experience and I can chat about it with. Thanks.

Hi Haylou 

I don’t have any experience of Mondors disease and just had to Google it! But I didn’t want to leave you without a reply.


I think the right place for your question is on the I am recently diagnosed thread, there is a section there for benign conditions. I hope you find someone there who can give you a proper reply. Though I did notice Google says it’s very rare. But I hope you get some answers from someone else with the same condition, good luck!