Money to be had

Hi everyone
I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know… but just in case.

I have one of those policys which covers dental fees, optical costs, overnight hospital appts etc all for a relatively small monthly premium.
Since being diagnosed with BC, I have claimed £30 for each chemo treatment and £30 for each radiotherapy - a total of £750 so far.
The reason I am posting this is because when I talked to customer at work, who also has BC, she had totally forgotten about what she could claim for, as she had lost the original booklet. Needless to say she is now over the moon (and quids in)

On a similar vain - those of you who are lucky enough to get private medical cover (I get mine thru work- no I’m not rich) please check the small print. I went private for my chemo, but the private hospital didn’t offer radiotherapy - my insurance company will therefore payout an amount for each treatment as its NHS not private. Funny though - they never told me, I had to read the policy doc to find this out!!

So please check your policies - for me this has given me money to treat me and my hubby whilst we deal with all this BC c…p


I had a SimplyHealth policy which i cancelled about 8 months ago. I was trying to save a bit of money! How i wish i hadn’t, they wouldn’t have paid out that much but it would have been a help, it’s typical that i’d had the policy for about 20 years. Sods law i guess.

Not all good for me either - I cancelled a critical illness policy a few years ago - if only…

I’ve also got private healthcare through my OH’s work. My private healthcare company give £100 a day if you swap to the NHS for chemo or radiotherapy. So for 5 weeks of rads that’s £2.5k! And the machines are the same. I guess you just don’t get a mahogony dressing room and a smaller choice of mags (if any)!! I asked my onc how much the private hospital charged the healthcare company if I stayed private - £25,000! So they’re saving ALOT of money if you jump over to the NHS.

Hi Sandytoes - its ridiculous amounts of money.
I chose to go private for my chemo rather than take money - purely because the private hospital was so close to where I lived.

Its a frightening thought that one day we may lose the NHS.

Hope you’re doing Ok - are you still on taxol? I was originally on that and thought it was quite doable.

Take care


Thanks Linda. Yes - Taxol was fine - I had very minimal side effects. All done now. :slight_smile: (Well - hopefully! Touch wood etc). Now op, rads, Herceptin and Tamoxifen…

Hi Linda and all :slight_smile:
I have a simply health policy but was unaware of claiming potential! I have only ever claimed for overnight stays in hospital whilst having surgery. Please do tell if there is other things I can claim for.
My hubby has private health for us through work but I have only ever used it for my 2nd op following a bad nhs experience when in for my mx. I have claimed for nhs overnight stays for my mx and chemo-induced stays but was unaware of being able to claim for nhs chemo/ rads etc. Im sure all policies are different but maybe I am missing a trick???
I would be delighted if I can claim for nhs chemo and rads- it would top up our ‘fun-fund’, which has took a battering lately!
Any info welcome
Tina xx

I’m with what was HSA now Simplyhealth thro work, I got money for in-hospital stay but didn’t realise I could possibly get some for chemo & rads.

Here’s stupid question - how do I qualify??

Any help here is most welcome (especially if it gives me & kids some dosh)

THANK YOU Linda for highlighting this.


I have a Simply Health policy which I have had for years. I have claimed for a 3 day stay in hospital and for my chemo but I am now on Herceptin for at least every three weeks for the next year. Anyone know if I can claim for these?

Anyone with HSA / Simplyhealth on a cash plan needs to read page 8 Day case 2nd paragraph.


I’m lucky enough to have private cover through work so I had my op at a little local private hospital but they couldn’t do chemo or rads so I went NHS for those. My policy paid £100 for each day I had chemo & rads - that paid for our holiday in France a few weeks later. There’s no way we could have afforded a holiday otherwise.

Sadly no critical cover - we decided years ago that we couldn’t afford it.

Jane xxx

Im confused! Im not sure if my simplyhealth policy is ‘on a cashplan’? Helen can you clarify for me please? I think we only pay about £25 per month and we have been members for several years. Is the cashplan different from the normal policy. Cant find policy doc only have a leaflet with a general table of cover…
Am I in the money…?!? xx

Gingerbud, i would have thought u were covered but why don’t u give them a ring in the morning. If your having chemo or rads & paying £25 per month im sure u must be able to claim. It used to be called HSA & i think they just changed the name of the policy etc but not the benefits. Get on that phone,lol x

lol I will be on the blower 1st thing :wink:
yeah we joined when it was hsa- must have joined around years ago now. Linda thanks for flagging this up I had noooo idea that I could potentially claim for day patient stuff like rads + chemo. Given I’ve had 2 courses of chemo + 23 rads, it will be defo worth a phonecall!
Must also contact our private health + query with them too. Anyone else with Groupama? Think they paid me £150 per night for nhs overnight stays but have never looked into chemo/ rads claims. I’m trying not to build my hopes up that it could be £100 per day like has been mentioned on here!
Thanks ladies xx

Hi all,
I am with axa ppp healthcare through my work and they have paid me £50 per any over night stay, £50 for each chemo and rads(although am still waiting for that) and they are paying £50 for each Herceptin but with the Hereptin they will not pay for more than 12 infusions? I must say though I’ve had a nightmare trying to get the money from them for my 18 rads they would not except the list of all appointments that I sent in, and have requested info from the hospital which is taking forever to be sorted out, I don’t quite understand it as they requested a breakdown of my treatment plan from my oncologist which they have but still they request this info from hospital.
Hope you all get your entitlements

Donna xx

Hi all
I have AXA PPP and they pay for all chemo/radiotheraphy treatment recommended by my Oncologist - even bone density test. We all probably have different level of cover so worth checking what you can get. Also they pay it directly to the hospital - you get an authorisation code and all bills go to them. Sorry if you all know that but just thought it might help.
AXA PP also have a dedicated section for cancer patients.
all the best
ginge xx

Morning all
I’m really glad I posted this now - it sounds like there is some money to be had.

I appreciate each policy is different. I only pay £15pm with Simply Health (what was HSA).
When I went for weekly chemo my BCN stamped and signed my claim form on the back page and I got £30 for each visit.

When I did my rads - Simply health just asked me to get the claim form signed and stamped at the end of my treatment and attach my appointment letter - once again they paid out within a week.

I am aware that on my policy I can only claim 20 rads/chemos in a year, but as my year runs from June to June, I was able to claim for everything to date.

Gingerbud/Troymaiden - fingers crossed your policy is the same (I hope I haven’t raised your hopes unnecessarily)

Off to work now - another day of fun (I’m a bank manager - please don’t hate me!!!)


Hi linda+ all
just spoke to simply health and I can claim for day patient treatments so I’m delighted :slight_smile: I pay £24.70 per month + can claim £32 per treatment with a max of 20 per policy year. They have agreed to pay out for last year too providing I get hospital stamps etc. Last year I had over 30 treatments + have already claimed a few overnight stays so will prob be able to claim for about another 15. This year I’ve had 6 chemos so far…
Just wondering if we can also claim for things like ct scan appts or picc line insertions ??
I’ve emailed our private health providers + am awaiting a reply…
Thanks again :slight_smile: xx

I’m also with SH (used to be the Hospital Fund).

I claim £ 30 for each Chemo up to 20 lots p.a.
I also claimed for the PortaCath operation as day surgery as it was done in theatre and I was there all day.

Mine’s with AXA PPP as well - we have two schemes at work, one which pays £50 per day and one which pays £100. I’ve been there 12 years so I’m on the old scheme which is the better one :slight_smile: They paid up really quickly for me, I just sent them my chemo appointment letters and hospital list of rads appointments.

They wouldn’t pay it for my Hickman insertion though, even though it was done in theatre and I was on the day ward.

They would have paid for the chemo and rads treatment but as it couldn’t be done in the private hospital so would have been in the same place, at the same time, done by the same people as on the NHS I opted for the NHS and a holiday instead!

I had my op and scans privately because that speeded things up so was very important psychologically.

Jane xxx