Months after fibroadenoma surgery, unhappy with scarring

Hi there, looking for some input on scarring.


Three months ago I had a breast lump removed via surgery that turned out to be benign (fibroadenoma). By now I expected the surgery scar to be in much better condition, visually speaking. It’s a dark purple line, lined with a whitish border, that forms a semi-circle around my nipple. The scar area is slightly raised and “tough” feeling.



Not to mention this was my second fibro removal. The first was years ago, same breast. The surgery scar for that one was never as bad as the latest one, but it’s still visible there as a whitish line around the other side of my nipple.


Needless to say, my breast is not the prettiest right now. I admit this makes me self-conscious. I’ve taken a break on dating for the past three months because the prospect of taking my shirt off with a new person is horrifying.



Anyone have any insights on options for mproving the appearance of my scarring? I’m not sure it would be worth going back to the a doctor who performed my surgery. She is a renowned, very busy breast surgeon and I’m sure she would (rightly) consider this a waste of her time.

Hi sampson12,

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