Mood whilst on zolodex and anastrazole?

Hi Ladies


So have been taking anastrazol for nearly 3 years and zolodex for a couple of months less and have suffered since being on it with low mood and anxiety.  I wake up in the night worrying about things which are not even cancer related and over think everything as I can’t seem to turn the brain off! I’m moody a lot of the time and often have low self esteem and low confidence and can cry at anything!  Also noticed weight gain which is hard as always been fit and I jog too but it just won’t shift.


Not sure if all of these symptoms are menopause or are caused by the anastrazol or the zolodex. I think I am due to stop zolodex very soon so wonder if that will help my mood? I hope so!


I often wonder where have I gone as I used to be a confident ‘together’ sort of person but now feel a bit of a shell.


Anyone else feel like me and can relate to this and did you feel better after stopping zolodex?


Thanks ladies!









Sorry no one replied when you first posted this but i can definitely relate.

I was put on 3 monthly zodalex injections one chemo finished and do find my moods are like a rollercoaster.

I am also taking anastrozole.

I had depression and anxiety prior to my cancer diagnosis and sometimes feel myself going insane trying to figure out if its just me or if its the medication making it worse.

Hope your doing okay now :revolving_hearts: