Moody Cow

I started tamoxifen in Jan for 5 years after mastectomy for ductal carcinoma and large area of DCIS and 6 cycles of FEC chemo. I am 36 haven’t had periods since Nov. Since stopping chemo have found myself short of patience particularly with my small children. Is this a side effect or a just time to think since stopping the roller coaster of treatment? When discussed with my Onc he suggested getting back to work would help. Have been back at work 2 weeks (am a nurse thankfully different speciality) and am waiting reconstruction! Could be a body image thing hate my hair this short!!! Just wondered about others experiences? Mood is still variable, usually have a sunny nature!
Best wishes all

Hi Chris,
I find that my mood can be quite variable (more so than before bc) & i just have emotional days, i think oh, pmt, then realise no , just an emotional day. I think you are right about the time to stop & think once all the treatment has finished, i think when you are going through it you just put your head down, focus & do what has to be done, but when its over the emotion can bubble up a bit to the surface. I hope you haven’t gone back to work full time but are taking it easy, i returned to work mid march and have found a phased return good. The body image thing is a salient point, my hair has grown back very curly, it was dead straight before & i loved it in the style it was, i thought i would be so pleased to have my hair back which i am, but i feel like i’ve got someone elses hair back not mine. I’ve decided to try & be positive & grow it as i think longer & curlier may be better, as yours grows you will hopefully feel better too. Looking after little ones is tiring too, you’ve alot on your plate post treatment, little people to care for & work, if you can try & have some space for you. I had a couple of counselling sessions which i found very helpful in surfacing & dealing with some of the emotions i’d not let near the surface or shared with anyone else as i didn’t want to upset or worry friends even more. Hope i haven’t gone on too much & some of this is helpful or at least reassuring. Take care,
Best wishes Rivergirl.

my mood has been much angrier since having breast cancer, I never did suffer fools gladly but now i don’t make any effort to be diplomatic. I think it’s better out than in but sometimes being so cross is draining. I’ve tried reading, cycling and cleaning all of which seem to make the pain slightly better. Also watching comedies