moonwalk Is there anyone on here doing the moonwalk, I,m training for it at the moment and wondered if anyone else is and how they’re getting on.


Hi Lisa,
yes i’m doing the moonwalk too and currently up to 10 miles with the training, its alot longer than i thought and finding my hips kill me.
God knows how i’m going to do the 26!! i’m hoping the atmosphere will keep me going.
Have you recieved anything from the organisers?? i recieved sponser forms but no sight of the bra yet!
How’s your training going?
Claire xx

Hi Claire
Just got up to 18 miles, I get pain in my hips whilst walking but it soon goes and I’ve found that each time I go out I can get a bit further before it starts. Received bras and numbers last week. I can’t believe how much time training takes up and I’ve just gone back to work so have no time for anything else but I must say I’m feeling great and once recovered initally after walk have no tiredness which everyone talks about after rads and chemo, finished treatment in March so feeling very pleased with myself but can’t wait to finish so I can have my life back. Take care, good luck on 19th

Love Lisa

hi lisa,
i thought i’d done 16 miles on sunday but when i got home and worked it out on the computer pedometer it was only 13!!! i was in agony, like you its my hips that hurt. i may have over done it last week as in total i done 27 miles over 3 days. not doing any this week until sunday and hoping to get up to 22 miles.
i too got my number and bra last week, did you get a cream one? we are going to buy a pink one and have an evening decorating them which may well involve a few bottles of plonk!!
Really worried i’m not gonna make it but hoping the atmosphere will keep me going.
i finished chemo at the end of january and thought maybe its a bit soon, but you finished even later than me, i must stop being a woosie and get on with it! (dont think we will ever have our lives back, but lets make the most of the one we’re living eh?!)
Good luck with the training and good luck on the 19th! maybe see you there!!
Claire xxx

Hi Claire
Did 22 miles today cos 1 of the girls I’m walking with can’t do next week. I’m feeling tired and stiff but not too bad, the last couple of miles was tough but pleased that we’ve done it.
We got cream bras too gonna decorate next week, the plonk sounds good to me. I am sure that your no woosie it’s just that I’m completely bonkers. Good luck to you too, happy walking

Lisa xxx