more bone density loss!

hello every body, I just wondered how many people were experiencing bone loss whilst on arimidex and what treatments were working . Has anybody increased thier bone density? many thanks, Claire x

Hi Flo

I started full-blown osteoporosis treatment in 2002, even tho’ I was only osteopaenic.

I started taking Arimidex in 2004, followed by Aromasin and then Femara.

I moved onto Bonviva + Cacit D3 in 2005 (or thereabouts, I think). I’m 53 and my latest bone scan (11 months ago now) showed that my spine had greatly improved and was now as dense as the average 40 year old’s.

The calcium + vit D side of the treatment is relatively cheap (about £6-7 a month), but I do know that my single monthly Bonviva (ibandrondic acid) tablet costs about £25 (I live in France now and all the prices are on the packets), but it’s my understanding that the Bonviva encourages the bones to take up calcium much more efficiently and so is well worth having, especially if there are concerns.

I was prescribed Bonviva + Cacit D3 - before I left the UK. It was new to the NHS in 2005 and the Bonviva was difficult to get hold of at first, but 5 years or so on, I would imagine that it can now be routinely prescribed and that there would be no supply problems.

Hope this helps.


Hope this helps

Hello flo

How did you discover that you have suffered bone density loss?

My oncologist will only do a DEXA scan 3 years after starting Arimidex so I wonder how they will know if I’ve deteriorated other than by breakage?

Did you have pain that was investigated?


Hi Dahlia

It is me! I cannot believe they haven’t scanned those bones of yours. I had DEXA scans almost immediately after starting on Arimidex. As I said at the time I think mine were going thin anyway. Kick up a fuss!

Much love


hi everyone i was sent for a bone density scan after i had my ovaries stopped from working i have now been on arimidex for over 12 months my scan showed i was osteopenic in my spine and osteoperosis in my hips i have been taking a one a week tablet and calcium daily i have rang my oncolist and asked for a scan to be done because i want to know if its improved just for my own peace of mind but was told by the receptionist that im not due for another 12 months. i hope this treatment improves my bones because im not looking forward to what lies ahead in my older years i work in a supermarket and i see lots of old people with a bent backs and i feel sorry for them:(

hi everyone, im on zoladex and have just found out 2 weeks ago that i have osteoperosis in my spine. Have only been on zoladex 18 months and only 24 so completly unexpected! Taking the once a week tablet for osteoperosis and calcichew x

Hi folks, Sorry i have just got back to my thread. Bahons, thank you for your advice, i am really pleased that your bones have improved. the treatment has worked well for you. How long was it till it started improving ?
Jackie 62 and Mairead , i am sorry you are also having problems with bone loss.
Dilys p, I think i have spoken to you before about zometa?
I am writing this on behalf of my sister who is in hospital having just had reconstruction ! theres another story!
My sister (38) has had ovaries out , chemo, mast,radio and was told she had oestopenia after first bone density scan in spine. I grovelled to docters and got her on zometa 6 monthly which she has had 2 doses, i was a little shocked when her latest bone density came back showing more bone loss (t-2)She is on calcium supplements.
My dilema now is do i ask the docters to go on to oral tabs or do i ask if she can have zometa 3 monthly. i pushed for the zometa because of the research sugesting it reduced the reoccurance rates ?
dilys, i think you are on the zometa? have your bones changed? Sorry to be asking so many questions, but my sister leaves all this sort of thing to me ,
thanks again ,x
Dahlia ,you should have had a baseline scan before or soon after starting arimidex, chase them doctors up!

Hi Flo

Yes I am on the zometa by IV infusion once every six months. Also Adcal D tablets which, to my eternal shame, I often neglect to take. The second bone scan did apparently show signs of improvement, tho my oncologist is never exactly forthcoming with detail. This was after the first two infusions, if I remember rightly. And you are right that it is supposed to reduce recurrence of the cancer.

I have no idea why different doctors prescribe what they do. My OH has been on steroids for about three years and was also losing bone density. He has been given the Alendronic acid tablets to take once a week. I shall be interested to see whether there is any improvement eventually.

Good luck!