More Lumps

Hi All, just wondered of anyone has had a lump so high up in the chest wall. DX Aug 2009 with my second primary in the op. breast to the first, usual lumpetomy, chemo, rads etc but now I can feel an 1 inch long oval shaped lump about half way between the collar bone and the top of the breast ( in a large breast women :slight_smile: ). Dont know whether to be worried, and I am thinking if I call the BC nurse with my concerns they will thing I am a hypercondriac (cant spell !!), cos I have had to go there last week with treatment concerns ( which, as I knew they would be, where fine ). My Onc appt is in 3 weeks time - do I wait? Or do I ask for an earlier appt?

Hi F1Fan, Well if it was me I would call the breast care nurse because that is what they are there for. But I wouldn’t panic over it…but better to get it checked out eh? If she thinks it is worth looking at I am sure she will arrange to organise an earlier appointment. Worrying like you are is perfectly normal…we all do it after we have been diagnosed with BC. I should know…I was first diagnosed in 1989!..Hope you manage to enjoy the rest of your weekend. But give her a call on Monday. Goodnight, love Val

hiya F1 fan

i had a lump on my chest wal about an inch under my collar bone but it was a fat necrosis from scarring during surgery its just above where my tumour was removed… i had a ultra sound and biopsy before xmas and they said it was 50:50 that it was another tumour but luckily it turned out to be benign and they havent done anything with it.

however i have also developed a lump on my original side where i had BC 4 years ago, onc doesnt seem overly concerned but am meant to have an appt on tuesday for an ultra sound… not gonna make on tues as i have other things on but will be getting it checked out in the next few weeks… im about to restart work and then changing jobs so i dont wanna know what it is til im all settled LOL.

fingers crossed its nothing but i would certainly speak to your breast unit and have it checked out.

love Lulu xxx

Thanks for your comments ladies. I think, after being diagnoised more than once - it is very difficult not to worry about every little thing. After the first time you could say the odds of getting it again are remote - that may be true but we know it does happen !! I feel that the coping mechanisms That worked the first time round dont apply anymore. Anyway, I am going to contact BCN and see if they can bring the appt forward. Fingers crossed XX

hope you can get an earlier appt iv had mine changed now and its on 7th of april.

hope we both get good news.


Hi Lulubelle and F1Fan
Glad yor getting those pesky wee lumps checked out. I found one last week on monday and was in the USS room by wed morning - and it was nothing but inflammed tissue from t`he rads. However the gorgeous consultant advised me to keep and eye on it and if its still there in a a couple of months they will check me out again.
hope you get really excellent news xxxx Rachel

Hi Rachel, My you look gorgeous in your photo ( mind you you looked great in all your other wones too). Glad the hospital checked you out pronto. Hope you are coping with all that is going on with you. I am having a good spell and have found amazing energy from somewhere…thought it had gone for good. Take care, love Val

oh thank you Val- i am so chuffed to hear you sound and feel better - keep it up!
just saying on the other thread - my eyebrows and lashes are falling out again!
so to compensate i have a purple and pink streak to my fringe (well where i would have a fringe)

Hi Rachel, I have what I call “old ladies hair” and am becoming more and more like my 84year old mother! I have fine fair hair but am loosing the natural colour I had and it looks whiter/ash grey, I suppose. I am not a make-up person but I got my younger daughter to order me some new make-up when she was ordering hers one-line to see if I could improve things in that department! I am tempted to colour my hair but as I had chemo last year I am a bit scared to incase it makes things worse…of course this is nothing compared to everyone who has lost all their hair.( I have experienced that too before). I met Lulu on Sunday and her hair is growing beautifully. Love Val

Val I have treated my hair with the same contempt that i treated it with before I lost it thru chemo; lol - just going upstairs now to dye it purple - why??? because I can lol
Life shud be fun and I love experiementing with make up and skin care - i have always used Clinique and I really do like to get the girls in the posh department stores doing my skin care and make up - go for it next time you are in a big debenhams or house of fraser.
take care my lovelies xxxxx Rachel