More lumps...

I found this forum so helpful a couple of years back when I found a palpable lump in my left breast. I went to the doctor as advised and I was sent to the breast clinic under two week week guidance and all turned out well - it was a large cyst. It’s now come back and think there may be some thickening underneath it. The reason I’m uncertain is that years ago I had a large fibrodenoma removed and it could be scar tissue. It certainly feels different to my right breast. Now, of course it’s got me checking everywhere and I’ve now found another smallish lump in lower area of right breast - appears round. Do I bother the doctor with this again as it’s likely to just be cysts? The large cyst that’s refilled is right at top of left breast so very noticeable but not painful. Any advice gratefully appreciated! (Sorry to waffle on)

Sorry, added twice in error …

Yes get it checked. If cysts do not disappear over a cycle then I think the recommendation is to have them looked at.
Don’t mean to alarm you but I had cysts drained a couple of times in my late 30’s, then last summer aged 52, I found what I assumed was another cyst, but it turned out not to be!

Thanks Morwenna. I will make an appointment. Just worried about having to take time off work especially if this keeps happening. I’m 43 by the way and I think people feel it’s too young to be worrying. Thanks for taking the time to get back to me.

Definitely get it checked as better to be safe and able to stop worrying, I am 44 and have fibrocystic disease (just very lumpy breasts) so have ignored a lump in my right breast for years as thought it was part of that, not sure what made me go back and get it checked but so glad I did as it turned out to be grade 2 invasive ductal carcinoma that had spread to 9 lyodes nodes so god only knows how long ithas been there. The moral of the story really is just to get anything that’s not normal for you or feels different in any way checked out as soon as possible. Good luck and I really hope you get a good safeoutcome and it is just once again a cyst. Xx

Agree with all the answers and good luck!!

Thanks all. I’ve made an appointment for Tuesday after work, so here goes again!