More pain

I thought I was getting better but the pain under and down my arm is very painfully tabs off docter has not touched it what will today bring did no help when nurse put on cotton dressing instead of waterproof so have to wait till today for them to come in at chemist sorry for moaning just felt like it xx

Hi Toulula
I had my SNB done a couple of weeks before my MX & reconstruction. The healing from that was a bit up and down… had some days where it felt fine and other days where there was a lot of nerve pain going down my arm like you describe. It had just about settled down when I came in for my MX and reconstruction. As the SNB came back with cancer in 1 of the 2 nodes removed, they’ve had to go back in and take the rest of the lymph nodes out… so I guess I’ve got all that to look forward to again.

I think that some of this pain is a good sign… and it’s all the nerves and tissue knitting back together and making new connections.

Hugs Mel xx

Hi Toulula

I had my mx  on 1st along with snb. I have had lots of loss of sensation and tingling. But woke upthis morning and found that there is raised line under my arm. When it seems like there is choice my body seems to opt for the not so good one! So can i join you in moaning and then once thats over lets look for some sunshine?

Jayni x