more reconstruction surgery needed.


I wonder if anyone has had same experience as me? I had Bi-later MX  with tissue expanders in Aug 2012. This was after 6 doses of Chemo. The expanders were exchanged Oct 2013, however in Jan this year 2014 my P surgeon said due to the pain and movement of implant plus capsular contraction on the iradiated left side, the implants needed to come out and I needed an LD with implant. This was done 30th Sept. My right breast also needs sorted as it too has moved, but not getting LD on it. It is looking like it will be another couple of years before I will be done with all these operations & procedures. …In time for my 60th Birthday in Dec 2016 maybe! It has been one he’ll of a long journey. Anyone else having these problems…or am I what it says on my diagnosis reports…A complex case! Lol

Poor you luluspice, I can empathise. My journey began in September 2009 and ended last July 2013. When recon goes well, it is doable, but when you need further procedures etc, blooming headache are the words I would use!
I started off with a tissue expander on left side, exchange of implant for permanent, uplift on healthy side, failed nipple recon, split skin, infection, implant out, flat for months, LD flap, infection, LD finished, uplift x 3 on healthy side and finally nipple recon and tattoo - I get where you are coming from!
Why are you not having LD on other side? Will PS just remove existing implant and replace?