More surgery on the reconstruction?

I had a DIEP flap in April. In a couple of weeks time I am due to discuss the next op. I remember my surgeon saying then that at this point “You will be telling me what to do”.

The main op went well. My new breast doesn’t feel 100% normal but it’s OK and I gather from these pages that this is pretty standard. The problem is that my surgeon just didn’t understand how much smaller I ideally wanted to be.

I don’t blame him overmuch - the new breast is certainly less droopy and it is very slightly smaller I guess. Perhaps when I said I didn’t mind being ‘lop-sided’ for a few months he didn’t realise that I really meant exactly that! Also I realise that this isn’t always an exact science - perhaps he thought he’d made it smaller than it actually is.

It was always agreed that I would have another op to ‘reduce’ the healthy breast to match. Whatever else I will certainly have the good breast ‘lifted’ to match the new. But I am sad at the prospect of still being so large (36F) after all this performance. I would still love to be smaller.

I’m sure he will do whatever I ask for - he’s a professional surgeon and a nice bloke. Nevertheless there is a part of me saying “Don’t push your luck, Jane. Be very thankful that you are OK whatever size you are.”.

Did any of you have the reconstruction further reduced? Was it fine or did you wish you’d not had it tampered with? How long did it take to recover from a second op on both sides?

Thanks for any advice
Love from Jane

Hi Jane

So glad to hear that you are recovering well from your DIEP. I cant answer any of your questions but no doubt you will get some valuable advice from the wealth of information on this site. I am considering my options for reconstruction at the moment. If I go for the DIEP I have been told that its not an ideal op for me as I don’t have enough flesh on my tum. Like you though I don’t mind if the recon breast is smaller and the good breast is reduced to match. I think my PS (and perhaps yours) think it inconceivable that anyone would want smaller boobs. As long as I am balanced and not too droopy Ill be happy. If you feel strongly about it you should discuss your options and preferences with your PS. I don’t know what the implications of reducing a reconstructed boob are but this is the time to find out when you have to undergo further surgery anyway.

Very best of luck with whatever you choose



Hi Annemarie

Thanks for getting back to me. You are right - browsing this site (and the US one) give me lots of good advice and things to ponder. I think that maybe I’m being too anxious about further surgery. Having some liposuction of the reconstructed breast is maybe no big deal. I will be straight with my PS and see what he says.

Love, Jane