More surgery.

So. I had LICAP surgery 2 weeks ago. Recovering well and happy to be getting back to my normal self. Things never are straight forward though and my recent appointment with the surgeon informed me that the tumour wasn’t 3.7, but actually 8.9 and they found 2 more tumours. So I am now booked in for a mastectomy at the end of March. The nurse told me that i dont have to be strong and to take myself away and cry, I didn’t think I was being particularly strong, just getting on as a single mum to 3 trying to get better. I really have no idea how to feel and think,  but maybe when eventually everything is done, then it will hit me and I’ll crumble. Work only pay 8 weeks sick, which now won’t be enough because of the 2nd surgery, so my head has gone into overdrive and looking at the practical side of things. I’m struggling with reminding myself not to do things even though I’m using my other hand/arm (I hate waiting for other people to do things) has anyone else been in this situation. How do you get on or cope with things?

Hi welcome to the forum. Sorry you are having such a difficult time .

You could maybe also post in the surgery section of the forum for a bit of support .

You might also benefit from chatting to the lovely nurses at Breast Cancer Now - the number is at the top of the page .

Macmillan have an  advice line that deals with financial matters / benefits / work - may be worth giving them a ring too as you may be entitlement to some extra help if you need further treatment .

Best wishes Jill x