more surgery:(

well i popped to breast clinic about small lumps that have popped up under rads area (just below so they escaped blasting)surgeon decided instead of biopsy he will do a wle in day surgey next friday, iam happy to have them removed but as of yet since dx have not had any respite mx, chemo, recurrence on chemo, rads now this am cheesed off to say the least and also pigging aching everywhere so thats whats going on …oh well onwards and upwards (i hope) love to you all rachel x

Bloody hell rach it’s just relentless isn’t it :frowning: I know how you are feeling. Really hope the surgery next week draws a line under the nasty skin mets 4u. Any mention of whether you’ll be having more chemo?
Good luck x

thanks tina, no mention yet but think only matter of time have had notes sent to a prof at marsden hoping he can offer more if need be (wrote to him in march and my surgeon sent records)dont want to travel all that way really but maybe he can advice ,did it in moment of panic, glad your onc not concerned hope you sleep well knowing that x